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At Church of the Ascension, we value community and the building of our personal faith. Cell group ministry is a wonderful opportunity for church members to grow in faith and connect with one another. God’s word reminds us “to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, and encouraging one another.”
(Hebrews 10:24-25)

Join a cell group today!

7th HavenPatrick YauSerangoonFriday 8.30pm (Fortnightly)
Acts 2:42Geoffrey StephensSengkangFriday 8pm (Fortnightly)
Band of Brothers and Sisters (BOBS)Victor Ong
Marcus Sia
YishunSaturday (Fortnightly)
BartleyPhua Kia Wang
Eugene Quek
BartleyFriday 8pm (Fortnightly)
BEaConGoh Leong Huat
Joanne Yip
BalestierFriday 8pm (Fortnightly)
BetaRay LeungSerangoon1st/3rd Friday
CountrysideGoh Chee Kong
Dan Ng
Roy Loh
Lentor2nd/4th Friday
Doulos for ChristSoon Pee Seng
Teresa Soon
Serangoon Avenue 3Friday 8pm (Fortnight)
Heart of the LordPaul Chua
Julian Lim-Chua
Serangoon Avenue 2Friday 8pm (Fortnightly)
JC WalkersRay Leung
Cindy Soh
Potong Pasir2nd/4th Sunday
Kimberly Teo
Potong Pasir2nd/4th Sunday
LinkagesWalter Sng
Tan Ai Ling
BishanFriday 8.45pm (Fortnightly)
MathetesLing Moi LinHougang2nd/4th Friday
AbideDavid Tey
Cassandra Thong
HougangSunday 4pm (Fortnightly)
River of LifeLim Chong Wei
Yvonne Lim
Potong PasirFriday 8pm (Fortnightly)
The BeatitudeJenny Yeo
Jenny Ho
PunggolFriday 9pm-10pm via Zoom
Watten HomecellJonah SuBukit Timah1st/3rd Friday 8pm
WestjoyLoh Kok Chi
Sim Choon Tee
Upper ThomsonFriday 8.30pm (Fortnightly)
8am ServiceJerrold QuekTBCTBC
RivendellZheng Qin, Pamela YeoYio Chu Kang2nd/4th Friday. (8.30pm)

Bible study materials for download.
Please click on the links below to view or download.

Book Study – Nehemiah

  1. The Primacy of Prayer (Neh 1)
  2. Take Action! (Neh 2)
  3. All Hands on Deck! (Neh 3)
  4. Dealing with External Opposition (Neh 4)
  5. Dealing with Internal Challenges (Neh 5)
  6. Avoiding Deception and Distraction (Neh 6)
  7. The Primacy of God’s Word (Neh 8)
  8. A Prayer of Renewal (Neh 9)

Book Study – 1 Corinthians

  1. Living God’s Way (1 Cor 1)
  2. Life in the Spirit (1 Cor 2)
  3. Work That Lasts Revd Ian Chew (1 Cor 3)
  4. Be Fathers in the Faith (1 Cor 4)
  5. Church Discipline (1 Cor 5)
  6. God’s Ownership of Us (1 Cor 6)
  7. Seeking the Source of Happiness (1 Cor 7)
  8. Walking the Way of Love (1 Cor 8)
  9. Examining Our Life’s Motivations (1 Cor 9)
  10. Guarding against Complacency and Pride (1 Cor 10)
  11. Guarding against Self-Centeredness and Discrimination (1 Cor 11)
  12. The Importance of Exercising Spiritual Gifts (1 Cor 12)
  13. The Most Excellent Way of Living (1 Cor 13)
  14. Building Others Up (1 Cor 14)
  15. Hope in the Future Resurrection (1 Cor 15)

Encountering Jesus – Bible Study

  1. Jesus in Creation
  2. Jesus in the Patriarchs
  3. Jesus in Moses and the Law
  4. Jesus in the Wilderness
  5. Jesus in the Sacrifices
  6. Jesus in the Psalms
  7. Jesus in the Prophets

Jesus 7 “I am” Sayings

  1. I am the bread of life
  2. I am the Light of the World
  3. I am the Door to the Sheep
  4. I am the Good Shepherd
  5. I am the Resurrection and the Life
  6. I am the Way, Truth and Life
  7. I am the True Vine

If you wish to participate in any of our cell group meetings or visit any of the groups, or have any query regarding cell groups, please feel free to drop us a message below.