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According to our Constitution, the PCC assists the Vicar in the initiation, conduct and development of the affairs of COA and in particular be responsible for:

  • the conduct of the financial affairs of the parish and maintenance of proper accounts
  • the care, maintenance and preservation of the fabric, good and ornaments of the parish
  • the preparation of an annual report on the parish, including its financial affairs and annual budget
  • the appointment, terms of service and dismissal of lay staff for the public worship, maintenance and administration of the parish
  • the appointment of individuals and committees to help fulfil its responsibilities.
Loh Kok Chi
Vicar’s warden
Goh Chee Kong
People’s warden
Teresa Khoo
Honorary Treasurer
Marcus Sia
Honorary Secretary
Vincent Lim
Synod Rep
Andrew Cheang
Synod Rep
Victor Ong
Synod Rep
Paul Chua
Randy Eng
Winston Tay
Jenny Quek
Priscillia Chin
How Seok Li