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Dear COA Family, 

After the great fire of 1666 that levelled London, the world’s most famous architect, Christopher Wren, was commissioned to rebuild St Paul’s Cathedral. 

One day, Wren observed three bricklayers on a scaffold — one crouched, one half-standing and one standing tall, all hard at work. 

To the first bricklayer, Wren asked, “What are you doing?” The bricklayer replied, “I’m working hard laying bricks to feed my family.” The second bricklayer responded, “I’m building a wall.” But the third bricklayer, the one who stood stall and the most productive of the three, replied with a gleam in his eye, “I’m building a great cathedral to The Almighty.” 

This story reminds us of the importance of having a right and inspiring perspective to life. 

We may all be doing a similar piece of work but how we view what we are doing makes the greatest difference of all. It will transform our attitudes as well as strengthen our resolve when the going gets tough. Our right mentality will stiffen our spine to face challenges head-on and help us stay rooted on a firm foundation. 

The Bible calls us too to have a right and good perspective to life. This is called “having the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16). 

Having the mind of Christ means that we understand God’s purpose for ourselves and the world. It is to be the best that we can be so that we can be equipped to help build others up, restore creation to its original goodness and to bring others to a saving knowledge of Christ. It means we ultimately identify with and participate in our Lord’s mission to seek and save the lost. 

As we continue with our sermon series on 1 Corinthians, I am convicted that the Lord will continue to change our perspectives to make a great difference in our lives. 

May we continue to trust in the Holy Spirit’s leading as we embark on this journey of faith together! 

Revd Ian