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To kick off our 70th anniversary year, last Sunday marked the start of a new chapter for COA with the induction of our new vicar, Rev Ian Chew. At the induction service, Rev David Lee (Vicar of COR) delivered a poignant reminder not just to receive the Lord’s appointment of Rev Ian as our leader, but also to be faithful in the appointment just as the Lord has been to us these past 70 years.

Since the start of the year, Rev Ian has been ushering us into a new season of ‘Rebuilding God’s House’ – a message echoed by Rev David to re-envision what it means to be a flag-bearer and seed-planter in the community. To recognise our sinfulness, to weep for injustice, and to bring love and hope to a broken and thirsty world.

“It is in the midst of this great darkness that the light of the Lord will shine more brightly, and multitudes will flock to Jesus,” shared Rev David.

Our heartiest congratulations to Rev Ian and his family as we officially welcome them to our COA family! As we remember our history and envision our future, let us all commit to this new vision of rebuilding God’s house, to advance the gospel and awaken people to Christ’s healing and freedom.

Photo contributors:
Deborah Loh, Roger Deng, Willie Quek.