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Beloved COA family,

Prayer is a strange thing.

Like breathing, it should come naturally to us as God’s children. After all, when we relate to with fathers on earth, it is simply talking to them freely and even asking for something we need. Little children don’t hold back when approaching their fathers. I know that mine don’t!

In the same way, Jesus tells us to call on God and relate to Him as our Father in heaven in the Lord’s Prayer. (See Matthew 6:9-13) This means that we can come to God freely when we need!

Yet prayer is also hard work.

Just try praying for just 15 minutes each day. You will invariably find your mind flooded with other thoughts, concerns and distractions. It is difficult to concentrate on praying for God’s will to be done in yours and other people’s lives when your life is so busy and your schedules are packed to the brim!

Which is why we need to discipline ourselves to pray.

Set aside a fixed, quiet time to seek God when you will be least distracted by others. If possible, turn off your cell phone and use physical bibles when referring to Scripture verses so that you are not tempted to reply to a message!

Sometimes, it may be very difficult to do so alone. Pray then with your spouse, family member or a good friend or colleague at work. It is always easier to pray when praying with others. This is why we as Anglicans come together for Morning Prayer each day on zoom (see Diocesan announcements). It helps when we can listen to each other and encourage each other.

Lastly, don’t neglect the regular, short bursts of prayers at different times of the day to God. This can happen during meal times, before you sleep, or when you are about to step into a very important meeting. Such prayers help remind us of God’s presence with us at all times and help us centre on God.

May you have a fruitful time praying and develop a fruitful lifestyle of prayer!

Rev Ian