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Freedom to Choose Rightly (Day 7)

Lenten Devotion – Freedom to Choose Rightly
Day 7, 21 February 2024

“Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.” Galatians 4:31

In the journey of potty training our two daughters, Kayla and Hannah, we couldn’t help but draw parallels with the message in Galatians 4:21-5:1. When it came to Kayla, we approached it with a rule-oriented mindset, much like trying to follow a strict set of guidelines. We read books, scoured the internet for information, and tried to force her into using the toilet before she was truly ready. The result was a challenging and traumatic experience for both her and us. It took a lot of fear, yelling, and tears before she finally complied.

However, the lessons we learned from that experience shaped our approach with Hannah. Realising the importance of freedom and understanding, we decided not to force her but instead let her take the lead. She could pee but was reluctant to pass motion in the toilet bowl, raising concerns. Nevertheless, we chose patience over pressure, creating a stark contrast to our first attempt. There were no screams or tears; just moments of waiting, encouraging, and allowing her to express readiness on her terms.

This experience mirrors the freedom in Christ that Paul talks about in Galatians. Instead of imposing rules, we learned to let go and trust the process. In the end, on Hannah’s fourth birthday, she chose to use the toilet independently, a beautiful reflection of the freedom that comes when we allow things to happen in their own time. Just as Hannah found confidence and independence when given the freedom to decide, may we too find joy and assurance in the freedom Christ offers us, standing firm and trusting in His guidance.

Desmond and Kim🙏