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ComLink hosts a number of activities for St Andrew’s Village (SAV) and the community in Potong Pasir.
Our What’s-a-Cooking sessions on Thursday mornings are very popular and well attended by parents of students in SAV as well as friends and residents of Potong Pasir. Everybody is welcome to join the classes where our team shares recipes and demonstrates their culinary skills.
Stitch & Sew classes are held on Friday mornings where one can learn the finer points of patchwork, crocheting and sewing through projects pieces.
ComLink also organises and supports special church events like Mothers’ Day Celebrations, outings, CNY Lo-Hei, Year-End Party and excursions.
Most of ComLink’s activities are open to the public but registration is normally required.
Please call our church office to find out more about ComLink and upcoming activities.