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Latest Update:

23th April 2022

AGM will start at 11am via zoom.
All members (ER/Non-ER) are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Topic: COA Virtual AGM 2022
Time: Apr 24, 2022 11:00 AM, Singapore

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 3282 4703
Passcode: agm2022

10th April 2022

Please note:
Prior to the VAGM, there will be a special virtual meeting on Sunday, 17 April 2022, 1:00pm to 2:00pm, to address ER members’ questions, if necessary. Details of the special virtual meeting will be broadcasted to ER members via email.

3rd April 2022Nomination update

To date, below are the nominations received.(Information updated as of 2pm, 3 April 2022):

People’s Warden: Goh Chee Kong

PCC Members:
1. Loh Kok Chi
2. Teo Swee Pieu
3. Patricia Tan
4. Jenny Chow
5. Priscilla Chin
6. Andrew Cheang
7. Winston Tay.

The Nomination is now closed.

Thank you!

Do contact AGM Secretariat if you have any questions concerning the upcoming AGM.

Notice of Meeting


No registration for AGM is required this year.

Apologies can be given in advance to the Secretariat team by email or phone.

13th March

Nomination of PCC

—– submit by 3 April 2022, 2pm. 截止日期2022年4月3日,2pm.

21st April

Online Proxy Form

[Note: Online Proxy Form will be made available from 5 April 2022.


—– submit by 21 April 2022截止日期2022年4月21日 —–

Should ER members have any business that they intend to bring up at the VAGM,
they are to email the Hon Secretary or the Church Office AGM Secretariat at least
14 days before the AGM, i.e. by 10 Apr 2022 (Sun).

Any questions may be submitted to PCC Secretary by 10 April 2022

Click here to correspond with PCC Secretary.

Questions submitted will be addressed in a virtual meeting that takes place on 17 April 2022, 2pm.
所提交的问题将会收到回应在2022年4月17日, 2pm, 的网络直播.

24th April

Conduct of Virtual AGM

[Note: Meeting link to be provided by 22 April]

For Reference: