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荣升堂主办 夫妻营:婚姻的艺术

日期: 10月28日至29日(全天)

费用: $479 (每对夫妻)包括住宿


报名: 网上报名:

媒介: 英语



A weekend retreat for married couples

Six video (English audio and subtitles) sessions and projects cover the following topics based on biblical principles:

Session 1: Love Happens (Purpose of Marriage)

Session 2: Love Fades (Drift to Isolation)

Session 3: Love Dances (Roles)

Session 4: Love Interrupted (Communication)

Session 5: Love Sizzles (Romance and Sex)

Session 6: Love Always (Legacy)

Time with your spouse (minimal interaction with other couples) ·

Expert interviews · Real-life stories · Humourous vignettes · Couple projects · Tea breaks

The Art of Marriage® weaves together expert teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the street interviews, humorous vignettes, and more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design, see the video preview.