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We thank God that we are on a journey together towards our 70th Anniversary! As part of this journey we are reviewing our health as a church, beginning with various groups of leaders: the pastors, PCC and representatives of ministries.
Over the past few months, consultants from ChurchLife Resources have been facilitating our prayerful reflection through the lens of “God’s mission & mandate for COA & areas we need to steward & repair”. In the months ahead, we will also be looking through the lens of “relationships to be built & healed”. We believe these are essential and core arenas to address in order to move into our 70th Anniversary and beyond as a healthy church!
Please do keep our consultants and leaders in prayer for wisdom and right posture of heart before God as we journey on.
In a few months’ time, we will be able to consolidate the discussions and arrange for a town hall meeting to provide a comprehensive update to the congregation. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or inputs regarding the church review, please feel free to speak to our wardens or email