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Cell Groups

Cell groups are a vital component of our congregation. Every church member is encouraged to be in a cell group which would minister to his/ her spiritual needs in a cosy and relaxed home environment.

While most are family cells (catering to entire families), some focus on specific groups – e.g. Teen Cells, Youth Cells and Young Adults’ Cell.

Each group meet regularly in the home of one of it’s members or in a casual setting where the members can enjoy each other’s company as they sing songs of praise, share with one another their experiences, learn the word of God in bible study and of course, pray together.

Friendships grow and cell members learn to bless and minister to each other. Members often help look after each other’s children, nurse the bedridden, and even help each other with the shopping! No one in a cell group is forgotten.

In the cell groups, we learn to live as Christ has taught us – and grow as a family.

Select a cell group from the list below and contact the cell leader for an introduction to his/her group. You may also find out more through our Church Office (Tel 62833988) or drop us an email.

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