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Dear COA Family,

As we complete 2022 and get ready to embark on a new year, what is God’s will for us in 2023?

I believe that in the past year, focusing on “Rebuilding God’s House”, we have seen God’s gracious work in our midst to form us as a community of faith in him and care for one another. We have witnessed the re-introduction of singing and participation in our services through the liturgy, the regular physical meeting together of our cell groups and our church coming together to celebrate the 70th anniversary activities as well as Christmas. These are all blessings from God for which we must be thankful for!

So where do we go from here?

As I was praying, I felt led by the Spirit that the coming year ought to be one where we grow our roots deep in Christ after a season of rebuilding. This is so that we can be strengthened to face the onslaughts of the devil and the world in the coming years.

A good analogy would be that of trees. Recently in Singapore, we have seen reports of falling trees in parks and along the roadsides. This has prompted the National Environment Agency to step up their checks on trees and actively prune them so that they are not too top-heavy. Trees falling takes place especially after heavy storms which have been happening more frequently in Singapore.

Why do they happen? It is because storms are tests which show up how strong and sturdy the trees are. And this is also tied to the depth of their roots. If their foundations are not strong enough, the trees will not be able to withstand the strong winds.

It is the same with us as God’s special called-out people. We will face storms of life and we need to get our foundations strong and grow our roots deep in Christ.

Hence the direction and theme of “Growing Deeper” in 2023.

Growing deeper speaks about deepening our faith in Christ and this can only happen through reading and meditating on God’s word. The Holy Spirit will then deepen our understanding and faith through the Scriptures so that we can live lives pleasing the Lord. 

So, expect a year where we will place primacy on imbuing God’s word into our lives and in everything we do.

What can you do for yourselves?

I believe that we can all start by committing to read God’s word regularly and consistently. Spend about 10-15 minutes reading through the Bible (or listening to it being read). God’s word, like a seed sown in our hearts, will grow and bear fruit to the blessing of ourselves and others.

Happy New Year and have a blessed 2023!

Revd Ian