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We have a job opening for Children Worker.

DETAILS as below:

Job Title: Children Worker
Reports to the Vicar
, Sunday School teachers and helpers (Indirect)

Purpose of role

  • Pastoral care of children below the age of twelve; helping them build foundations in their Christian lives and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, such that they will grow to be young people who love and serve God with their hearts, firmly resolved to walk in righteousness and love in their teenage years.
  • To provide the vision for the Sunday School, incorporating the planning and development of volunteers to acquire and practice the necessary Biblical knowledge and skills for the ministry.
  • To be a spiritual example and to help children approach their teenage years with a love and passion for Christ, their saviour and friend, helping them to know God as a personal God.

Specific accountabilities

  1. Managing and Organisational Skills
    – Manages and leads programmes that minister to children and their families, including regular church programmes, Sunday School classes or mid-week programmes.
    – Recruits, leads, organises and provides training for volunteers or staff in the Children’s Ministry.
    – Meets with volunteer teachers on a regular basis to understand the spiritual growth of the children and what interventions are needed if the programs are not achieving its desired objectives.
    – Strategizes outreach and ministry efforts to reach out to children and their parents.
    – Plans and oversees special events such as Vacation Bible School, church camp children’s activities, etc.
  2. Discipling and Teaching Skills
    – Chooses and prepares curriculum for each programme according to age levels.
    – Creates environments, activities and programming for each age group that will facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth.
  3. Other prerequisites – Soft Skills
    – Love for children and families
    – Strong organisational and leadership skills
    – Ability to build and lead volunteer teams
    – Enthusiastic about sharing God’s word and His love to children and their families
    – Ability to respond to unexpected situations, address emergencies and guide others
    – Have a healthy, cooperative and motivating relationship with supervisors, coworkers and volunteers
    – Excellent interpersonal skills with strong relationship building mindset

Interested applicant who wishes to apply, please send in your resume with the attached MS Word file below to