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We are looking for volunteers to partner us in our chaplaincy outreach to SAJS boys. We invite you to prayerfully consider volunteering for one or more of the following ministries.

Saints’ Haven

Saints’ Haven is a recess ministry that runs across the 3 recesses. A relaxed environment is provided for the boys to chill out. Board and card games are available for them to unwind and socialise.

We come in as friendly befrienders and mentors, using game-playing as a platform to patiently hear what they have to say and share some advice. Opportunities may arise for us to pray with them as well.

• 1-2 volunteers on any one or more days from Mon to Thu, 9.25 – 10.55 AM, in SAJS, during school term
• Please come in earlier (9.15 AM) to help set up the place with games and prayers.

SAJS Praying Parents

The SAJS Praying Parents is part of the nationwide Praying Parents Unite! group that galvanises parents to pray and intercede for their schools.

SAJS Praying Parents meet onsite weekly to cover SAJS in prayer. Additional prayer meetings may also be organised during important examination periods (eg. PSLEs).

If you have a heart or burden to pray for the schools, we encourage you to join us. You do not need to be a SAJS parent to join the group.

• Thursdays, 7.30 – 8 AM, COA MPH, during school term times
• Zoom option available for those who cannot meet onsite

7J Boys’ Brigade Singapore Company

The objective of the Boys’ Brigade (BB) is “the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom amongst Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness”.

Using the method of Company, uniform, awards, promotion and wholesome activities, BB volunteers play an important role as mentors and help nurture BB Boys to be future men of godly character. A typical weekday parade starts with a time of Singspiration, where praise songs are sung. Then a devotion is shared, before the boys are broken up into their different levels to do activities like badgework, drills, soft archery or team-building games.

Other than the weekly Friday parades, volunteers are also involved in national events such as the Adventure and Character Quest competitions, and community outreach events such as BB CARES and BB Share-a-Gift. Camps and outings might also be organised from time to time.

• 1-4 volunteers for weekly Friday parades from 8 – 10 AM in COA, during school term
• Adhoc volunteers for annual Saturday competitions and other activities (eg. camp, community outreach) are welcome too!

SAV HOPE Boyz Club/ Up & On Programme

SAV Helping Our Pupils Excel (HOPE) Boyz Club and Up & On Programme are after-school programmes that reach out to children-at-risk (Financial Assistance Scheme, latchkey, etc) identified by the school.

Boys gather for lunch after classes on Wednesdays. Then a short message for the day is shared before the boys go to their different levels to do homework and revision (with a short break in between). Games and sports might also be played in the last period.

Outings (local and overseas) are occasionally organised to allow them to experience the feeling of going overseas. Examples include an outing to Hay Dairies in 2018 and a cultural immersion trip to Chiang Mai in 2017.

P6 boys in the Up & On Programme also meet for 1.5 hours on Fridays, and gradually, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the 3 Mondays closer to the PSLEs.

Having strength in any of the academic subjects would be advantageous but not necessary; volunteers just need a heart to journey alongside these boys and be a significant adult mentor in their lives.

• 1-2 volunteers on any one or more days weekly, in SAJS, during school term

• 3-hour sessions (2-5 PM) on Wed: from 6 Jul; lunch starts at 1.35 PM

• 1.5-hour sessions (3.30 – 5 PM) on Fri: 1 Jul — 30 Sep

• 1.5-hour on Tue and Thu: 26 Jul — 29 Sep

• 1.5-hour on the 3 Mondays: 19 Sep, 26 Sep, 3 Oct

Interested? Please feel free to contact Ps Barnabas ( for more details.