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We have a job opening for Chaplaincy Staff.

DETAILS as below:

1) Assist Chaplains to grow the chaplaincy work in St Andrew’s Junior School (SAJS)

  • Coordinate SAJS Up and On after-school programmes
  • Assist in 7J Boys’ Brigade (BB) Company activities
  • Assist in connecting graduating and graduated SAJS alumni to Kardia Ministry (Youth)
  • Assist in SAJS Saints’ Haven school recess ministry
  • Support and participate in SAJS Praying Parents programme
  • Support and lead Chapel and school assemblies when rostered
  • Support in the conduct of SAJS Teachers’ Chapel
  • Conceptualize new ways of outreach to the students and families with Chaplains
  • Assist and support Chaplains in other chaplaincy events (e.g. Post-PSLE programme)

2) Fulfil duties as required of a pastoral staff of COA

Interested applicant who wishes to apply, please send in your resume to